Shadowscrapers is now Available Everywhere!

26 April 2017

Go download the game on Android and iOS.

Some Updates on the Verge of Launch

21 April 2017

Launching next week for Free on Android and iOS.

Shadowscrapers is coming to iOS!

25 March 2017

In the final hours of the Kickstarter, we reached our stretch goal!

Kickstarter Funding Successful!

21 March 2017

Thanks to our amazing fans, our Kickstarter campaign is %100 funded!

Kickstarter is Live!

28 February 2017

The game is almost done, but we need your feedback to help us finish it. Download the open beta and back the Kickstarter now!

Heading to GDC

24 February 2017

Shadowscrapers to showcase at the Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco.

EAE Day at Utah vs. Oregon Basketball Game

16 February 2017

The Entertainment Arts and Engineering program had booths at the Huntsman Center on Friday for the Utah vs. Oregon basketball game.

End of Semester Demo Day

20 December 2016

At the end of every semester, the EAE department hosts an "EAE Play" day where student games and projects are demonstrated for the public. For many of our team members, this was the first time they had a game at the event.

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